About Us

Punt Media is a top online betting tip provider offering comprehensive information on sports, horse racing, lottery and eSports. Our company abides by all of the regulations set by the Interactive Gambling Act. The information we supply enables gambling enthusiasts to be better informed so they can make educated decisions when betting. When you invest in our services it’s important to be aware that we stringently uphold the legal guidelines established for online tipping and gambling and don’t collect personal data, apart from that which is outlined in our privacy policy.

All of the information we provide is sourced from lottery betting companies and Australian corporate bookmakers, who are fully licensed in the Northern Territory. We only publish information on betting companies operating within the regulations of the Financial Transactions Records Act, which means that they are fully licensed and regulated for Australian online consumers. Our company only publishes information that is collected from credible sources, so you have peace of mind that it’s credible and comes from industry experts. We also fact check and undertake extensive research before publishing information, as we take pride in being a trusted tipping and information provider.

The information we supply includes: sports and racing betting tips, fantasy sports tips and odds comparison. We also have form guides for games and offer tools such as line pickers and statistical analysis. Our detailed betting information helps punters make smarter decisions when gambling, for a higher rate of success in lottery, sports and racing betting.

Problem Gambling

While many Australians participate in gambling for excitement, it’s vital that gambling is only enjoyed responsibly. Whether you prefer a flutter at the races, playing the pokies or even trying your hand at the tables of your local casino, gambling is a fun pastime, if you are in control.

There is help if you feel like you may have a gambling problem. You can make a self-exclusion application that stops betting agencies from accepting your business. With a self-exclusion application you can avoid problem gambling affecting your life.

Once you have a self-exclusion policy in place, you can nominate the period of time it’s in place. You can also choose to fill out another policy after this has expired or decide to end the agreement to stop gambling. Before ending your agreement, you need to ensure that you won’t start problem gambling in future again.

It’s crucial to understand that gambling can cause significant harm to your life, if it’s not practised responsibly. At present, up to 500,000 Australians are at risk or experience gambling problems, so don’t think that you are alone. There is a Gambling Help Hotline if you think you need support with problem gambling. Take the step to call the hotline, if gambling has started to affect your life and the lives of loved ones. You will be able to receive gambling counselling┬áso you can avoid future gambling issues and hear stories of others who have suffered from problem gambling.