Euro Millions Lotto Australia

Euro Millions Lotto in Australia

Being a part of the chance to win a great jackpot is the dream of so many Australians. This is why our Lottoland team are happy to offer you the opportunity to enter one of the great lotteries of the world: Euro Millions. You have the chance to win big – read on to find out how big – and yet you can enter for just $5* for a single game.

Euro Millions is well into its second decade of offering life changing jackpots: in fact, for starters, the minimum is a really healthy €15m. A quick calculation puts that somewhere around $21m Australian dollars. At the other end of the scale, the biggest yet paid out is – are you ready – €190m! We reckon that’s about $267m here. Be part of this Euro Millions lottery online with us at Lottoland. Each draw takes place in Paris at 9.30pm Central European Time, on Tuesday and Friday evenings right throughout the year.

Playing is easy: start by opting for your 5 Euro Millions numbers starting at 1 and up to 50. You then choose an additional pair of Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. If all seven of your chosen numbers come up, then you’ve just secured a Euro Millions jackpot. If not, well matching only two of your main number choices sees you win across 13 possible prize divisions. Remember to check your Euro Millions numbers from each draw online at Lottoland. Ready to start?

Play Euro Millions Online

Once you’ve decided to play Euro Millions online, Lottoland is ready to make it quick and easy to do so. Soon, you’ll be included in the chance to win their great jackpots, throughout an astonishing 13 prize divisions. And yes, Lottoland always exactly matches all prizes distributed by Euro Millions. Starting at just $5* you can be part of the thrill of anticipation that sweeps Europe as those jackpots soar, so far up to a record high of €190m/$267m!

It’s really simple to enter Euro Millions: firstly by choosing any 5 number choices from 1 right up to 50; then by backing them up with your chosen 2 Lucky Stars numbers, between 1 to 11. Should all seven of these come out in the draw, you’re suddenly yet another of those huge Euro Millions jackpot winners!

Lottoland offers you both the chance to have an automatic entry to each Euro Millions draw, or to take the option of only entering if the jackpot reaches a level of your choice. Euro Millions draws take place each Tuesday and Friday, timed at 9.30pm Central European Time. Play online at Lottoland, sleep soundly, and you could wake up with a whole new world suddenly opened up to you.

Euro Millions vs Euro Jackpot

Today’s world is full of choices, and for any, it’s important to have the key facts immediately to hand. This is why we’re setting out the main similarities and differences in the Euro Millions v Euro Jackpot choice conundrum.

Let’s start with what’s the same: both draws first have you pick five main numbers – anywhere between 1 & 50. Then both ask you to include a couple of bonus numbers. However, your Euro Millions choices range 1 through 11, whereas EuroJackpot limits you to 1 through 10.

Moving on to chances to win: Euro Jackpot weighs in with a 1:42 probability. Euro Millions winning probability cuts that down to 1:23.

Finishing with what you might win: while Euro Jackpot’s record win comes in at a healthy €60m/$84m, Euro Millions takes you to a different level as their best payout so far was €190m/$267m! Minimum-wise, Euro Millions is set at €15m/$21m and EuroJackpot lower again at €10m/$14m.

When you make your choice of one or both, you can be part of Euro Jackpot with Lottoland from $3, and Euro Millions at $5*. Finally, it’s important to know that Euro Millions draws both Tuesday and Friday evenings (9.30pm), and EuroJackpot just Friday (9pm). Both times are CET.

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

If you, like many Australians, like to gamble with the chance of winning big, then welcome to Euro Millions at Lottoland. If you want a deal that makes the idea even better, then stick with us for great news.

Euro Millions draws happen at 9.30pm Central European Time in Paris each Tuesday and Friday night. They are hugely popular because they consistently deliver the biggest jackpots anywhere in Europe. With a best so far standing at $267m or €190m, you understand why. Their minimum certainly isn’t shabby either, as it’s set at a ‘yes please’ $21m (€15m). The idea began almost 15 years ago when the UK, France, and Spain got together to introduce Euro Millions. Here at home, you could check the previous night’s winning numbers here at Lottoland, and not bother to go into work – ever again!

Here’s the Lottoland deal we promised: purchase a subscription for at least a minimum of 1 game in these twice a week draws. Normally we’d ask for $10 and you’d have that double chance to be the Euro Millions jackpot winner. Here and now, we’re knocking a whopping 15% off and you pay only $8.50. So pick those 5 main draw numbers, add two Lucky Stars of your choice, and you’re good to go!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Whether you’re in Queensland or the ACT, NT or WA, South Australia or NSW, Victoria or Tasmania, Tuesday or Friday evenings in Paris could be where your dreams are found. That’s where, at 9.30pm CET, you would instantly know whether you’re a winner when they draw the Euro Millions jackpot numbers.

This wow of a lottery was set up as a Pan-European endeavour by the French, Spanish and Brits early in the new millennium. Since then, Euro Millions offers the best of any lottery jackpots Europe-wide.

Lottoland provides these results here in Australia as soon as they have been confirmed in France. A quick check can reveal if you are a winner anywhere throughout their 13 different prize divisions – including those amazing jackpots. We have all Euro Millions draw results online, right from day one.

And the minimum jackpot is €15m – around $21m Australian – and the record Euro Millions rollover so far was an outstanding €190m/$267m. Lottoland makes it so easy to enter and swift to check, so go for it right now! You might even choose to visit Paris should you be a jackpot winner. And that would only be the start of the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.