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Lottery From Around World

The old saying that variety is the spice of life is one that our Lottoland team fully agree with. This is why, as well as the Australian lotteries that so many of our customers love to play, we’ve expanded our horizons. Our aim is always to find a selection of the best lotto games from across the world. So, you might love the huge jackpots of Euro Millions, US Mega Millions or US PowerBall. Plus, there are great chances to play many European lotteries, from Ireland to Germany, Austria to France. There’s Italy’s Super Enalotto and never forgetting UK Lotto. Come and try some or all of these great games with us at Lottoland.

Austrian Lotto

Each Wednesday at 6.48pm and on Saturday at 7.15pm (Central European Time) people in Austria and beyond know it’s Lotto time! Their jackpot winning odds are a touch over 8 million to 1, and many other games can’t match that. You choose six numbers and have opportunities to win across a full eight prize divisions.

With a record Austrian Lotto draw jackpot of around $14 million (€9.5m) and each chance to play through our Lottoland portal just $2* a game, it’s not surprising that this is a popular choice for so many people who enjoy their lotto.

Christmas Lottery

Let’s face it, Christmas costs a lot of hard-earned money. It would be great if you had a chance to win big before the great day – and that’s the idea behind one of the world’s most famous lottery events. Introducing the amazing El Gordo – the astonishing Spanish Christmas Lottery jackpot draw. With prizes to be allocated for this year’s draw on 22nd December totalling a truly amazing $3 billion, you’ll appreciate we’re not over-selling this event!

This is the draw where you first choose a ticket number between 00000 and 99999. You then decide which share of this ticket you wish to buy, from 1% for $6.99*, right through to the complete ticket for $349.99*. Lottoland makes it easy to enter and provide a chance to turn Christmas into even more of a fabulous occasion.

Euro Jackpot Lotto

If you haven’t yet met, we’d like to introduce you to Euro Jackpot. It’s available to play through our Lottoland site. The draw takes place each Friday at 9pm (EET), and these Euro Jackpot lotto draws produce some of that continent’s largest jackpots. In fact, they have already been known to hit the €90m/$125m mark), with the minimum being €10m/$14m. Your prize winning odds are set 1:42.

Now to play through Lottoland: you choose 5 numbers between 1 and 50, and 2 EuroNumbers from 1 to 10. Match all seven to experience that jackpot joy, and one Euro Jackpot entry is only $3*. Give yourself a chance to win right now.

French Lottery

Across France, and now far beyond through Lottoland, people pay attention on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8.30pm CET. They like to know if they are a French Lotto jackpot draw winner; and with terrific odds of winning a prize set at just 1:16 – many are!

The French Lotto jackpot starts at a minimum of €2m/$3m – but, with a trio of weekly draws, those rollovers build up quickly. Through Lottoland, you can select 6 numbers (five standard choices and one lucky number). Match this half-dozen and it’s jackpot time. It only costs $3* to play, so come and try the French lotto with us now.

German Lotto & Keno

Zwei große chancen zu gewinnen – as the Germans might say. You won’t even need a translation to wonder what these two great opportunities to be a winner might be. They are the German Lotto, drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and German Keno – a daily draw at 3.10 AEST.

With a German Lotto jackpot draw record payout of €45.3m ($70m or so), it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top lottos in Europe. You can play either German Keno or Lotto, or both, for a low $1.50* per game through our Lottoland website. Viel Glück or good luck.

Irish Lotto

Many Australians feel a natural affinity with Ireland, whether through family links or just an attitude to life. This is probably one reason why our Lottoland team have found many customers feel that the Irish Lotto jackpot draw is something they’d like to be part of.

This game asks you to choose six numbers between 1 and 47. It offers a starting point Irish Lotto Jackpot at €2m/$3m and delivers odds of a jackpot win better than many at 1:10,737,573. One game is just $3.50* for either the Saturday or Wednesday draw. So whether Ireland is special to you, or you simply want a great game to be part of, head to Lottoland now.

Polish Lotto

How great is it to have the opportunity to play one of Europe’s most popular lotteries for just $1.25* per single game! This is true of the Polish Lotto whose Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday jackpot draws regularly provide the equivalent of millions of dollars to a jackpot winner. Useful odds that it could be you of just under one in 14 million are better than many others. It’s a simple entry – just pick six numbers and match them all to win the jackpot. If you haven’t yet tried this great value game, pop over to our Lottoland website and you can right that particular wrong very quickly.

Swedish Lotto

We’re told that ‘lycka till’ is how to wish good luck in Swedish. Whether many of our Lottoland regulars know this or not, it doesn’t affect their keenness to be part of the terrific Swedish Lotto jackpot draws that occur every Wednesday and Saturday. We deliver your chance to be part of this game for just $1.50*. Incidentally, they offer jackpot winning odds that are better than so many others at a superb 1:6,724,520. With their record payout of approx $40m (237m Kronor) and six prize divisions, it’s certainly worth a trip to our Lottoland site to check the Swedish Lotto out right now.

UK Lotto

The British took to an official lottery much later than many countries, but enthusiasm soon grew when it did start up. It’s also a real favourite for so many Lottoland regulars and worth checking out by first time visitors. The official UK Lotto jackpot draws happen both midweek on Wednesdays, with a minimum jackpot of £2.5m/ $4.7m; and weekends on Saturdays, where it’s at least £5m/$9.5m.

Rollovers have increased since the numbers to choose from were increased to 1-59, and the UK Lotto jackpot payout record is a whopping £66m/$126m. It’s only $4.50* to play here at Lottoland, and we’re ready to accept your entry right now.

* price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.