Lotto & Powerball Results

Latest Lottery & Powerball Results

Some people who play lotteries, here in Australia or around the world, often don’t even bother to check their results! Or they might get round to it eventually. Others are keen to know the outcome just as soon as a draw has been completed. Here at Lottoland, we suspect that most of our customers fall squarely into that second category!

This is why one of our main focuses, after making it quick and easy for you to play the games, is in the swift delivery of the latest results, while also providing a way to check past ones should you want to. Let’s face it, with huge, and as they always say, ‘life-changing’ sums to be won, who wouldn’t want to be up-to-date with all the outcomes that are so important to you?

So, quick to play and just as quick to deliver results – that’s the double aim of our Lottoland team. This is true for any of our brilliant Australian games. Many of our customers are also keen to participate in overseas games such as EuroMillions or US MegaMillions, EuroJackpot or US PowerBall, and the UK Lotto. Lottoland lets you know all about their various prize tiers, and those vital result breakdowns.

If you are a lottery player, and you haven’t yet visited our Lottoland website, please do so and find everything you need to know to make it easy to play and then see if, as the old saying goes, your numbers are up.

Australian Lotto & Powerball Results

If it’s a Monday and Wednesday you can play Lotto. Of course, if it’s Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday you can also play Lotto! Lots of folk are terrific fans of all the Australian Lotto games. Equally, at almost any time from early afternoon to early morning, you could be having a go at Keno – and who doesn’t? Maybe you also take the chance to try and win huge with Oz Lotto®, or Australian PowerBall®?

We know how much so many of our citizens enjoy playing one or more of these great games. This is why our Lottoland mission is to make it just as easy as it can be to do so – no matter where you are, or how much time you have to spare. Our superbly customer friendly online accessibility certainly does its job.

But there’s more! Once entered, you’d expect every bit as efficient a service to be provided in the delivery of draw results. Yep, we’ve got that covered too. All of the various Australian games jackpot draw results are posted to our site automatically. And quickly. If you also need to check previous outcomes, Lottoland retains many thousands of past game results, ready for you to find as and when. Come and see it all for yourself!

Keno Number Results

In the early 1950s, the four minute mile was achieved for the first time. Imagine that, running a mile between Keno games! Of course, if you did win the million dollar jackpot, then you might head off into the middle distance on a celebratory lap of honour.

Mind you, if you are a runner, jogger, walker, sitter, or snoozer, our Lottoland team have designed a website that makes it amazingly easy to play, at your leisure or when time is short – and then find out if you have been successful with equally little effort being required.

Whenever you want to play, as long as it’s between 2.34pm AEST or 4.34pm AEDT and 7.54am AEST or 9.54am AEDT, there’ll be a game ready to compete in within just those four minutes. Fifteen chances to win a million bucks in just one hour.

If you haven’t played it before, and we guess there may be one or two folk who haven’t, 20 numbers are drawn during each draw with a range of between 1 and 70. To play, you need to select a maximum of 10 numbers, but you can choose less, right down to just one.

Ready to play Keno? Or looking to check out their results for anytime within the last couple of days? A warm welcome awaits at Lottoland where you’ll find Keno and so much more.

US PowerBall Results

Back in January 2016, someone was probably minding their own business when they remembered to check the jackpot draw results in the fantastic US PowerBall competition. It could have been you. It probably wasn’t though – as, if you had won the jackpot, you’d be more interested in what you were now doing with the 2.3 billion dollars prize. That’s the world record – a sum that is hard to imagine. Or even spend!

Magnificent jackpots, plus a full 9 prize divisions, tell you why US PowerBall is so popular. Away from its homeland, this holds true – and nowhere more so than here in Australia. This is why, at Lottoland, we make it so easy for you to enter, and to check any and all results, from the latest draw just after it’s completed, right back to 1992.

Decided to play the game? You’ll be asked to choose just five numbers, and this choice is between 1 and 66 (and that’s a well-known route to take). Add your choice of one PowerBall from 1 through 20. Job done!

US PowerBall is a twice weekly occasion – drawn every Thursday and Sunday at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT. Eager to be part of that next draw? Lottoland should be your destination of choice, and arrival time is right now!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

There’s a lottery that pays out millions of Euros on a regular basis – in fact, at least quite a few million of them each time it’s won. What do think it might be called? EuroMillions may not be the most imaginative name ever given, but it does tell you quick and clean exactly what it’s all about. Their record payout is – are you ready – $267m and it has been widely played across, yes, Europe since 2004.

Here at Lottoland, we know that increasing numbers of people are keen to be part of it, and we make it so very easy to enter. Like the local entrants, you pick out any 5 numbers in a range of one to 50. Then you add two Lucky Stars selections, between 1 and 11. If each of your seven choices are drawn out, then you’re an instant EuroMillions jackpot winner!

This draw is Paris based and happens on every Tuesday and Friday evening at 9.30pm (CET). It offers a total of 13 prize divisions and every result, from the first ever draw to the latest one, can be found on our Lottoland site. Come and check EuroMillions, and a whole heap more, at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

Sounds like a truly great double act: mega and millions! And here’s another – yes and please! The latter is the expression of many Australians who have realised they have the chance to play this amazing game, thanks to our team here at Lottoland. If you wonder why so many want to be in with a shout during a US Mega Millions lottery draw, wonder no more. As recently as 2012, it was US Mega Millions who paid out the second largest lottery jackpot ever won. The sum: just the odd $840 million dollars or so!

Want to play US Mega Millions? Head to Lottoland before the next jackpot draw – and they’re on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a draw time of 1pm AEST/3pm AEDT. To be part of it, you’ll be choosing 5 numbers from 1 up to 75, and add a final vital single Megaball (1-15) choice. There are 9 terrific prize divisions provided in every Mega Millions draw. We always quickly post those 7 winning numbers on the Lottoland site. Should it be your thing, you can check the results right back to 1996, when Hillary Clinton’s husband had quite an important job. US Mega Millions – mega-easy to play and mega-simple to check at Lottoland!