Lottoland Australia

Lottoland Australia

When lotteries were first invented, and there is evidence that such games were played in China more than two thousand years ago, they were strictly local games. As times passed, these expanded, and of course we now have hugely popular lottery games to play right across Australia.

But we know that our Lottoland customers are an adventurous bunch. Like the explorers of old, they like to find new opportunities, and we enjoy delivering these. This is why we have added major jackpot games from both continental Europe and the United States of America to our portfolio. From the former, here’s a terrific trio: Lotto based in the United Kingdom, SuperEnalotto held in Italy; and, with the largest jackpots on that continent, EuroMillions. From the latter, a pair of ever popular mega jackpot draws in MegaMillions and US PowerBall.

It’s also important for all our Lottoland customers to be sure that, playing here in OZ, they receive exactly the same prizes, at every level, should they win, as they would playing where the lottery itself is based. We even add to this with our own Lottoland promotions, bonuses and jackpots – not available to those homegrown players! Some of these lotteries also deliver record breaking jackpots, rolling over way into the many hundreds of millions of dollars.

Whether you want to play home or away, Lottoland Australia is your easy entry portal. Of course, we also publish all the latest draw results for you to check. Try us right now and see for yourself.

About Lottoland Australia

Which of our home based lottery games do you like to play? Whichever your choice, including of course Keno, then Lottoland Australia is the online site that makes it so quick and easy for you to do so, wherever you might find yourself, and whenever you want to spend the time.

All well and good, and very useful, but our demanding customers told us they wanted a lot more than that. We paid attention and went straight to work. Our team’s task, like gold prospectors of old, was to dig out these finest nuggets in the lottery universe. This is why we now offer our customers great chances to be a part of US PowerBall and MegaMillions, SuperEnalotto from Italy, the UK’s Lotto and the pan-continental EuroMillions.

You can play the games just as you would in Spain or France, Arizona or New York State – and you are also playing for exactly the same prizes as those local folk. Just make your number choices, line selections, and complete your entry. Any sums you win, across each prize tier and every division, are paid into your very own Lottoland Australia account.

We offer more: for example DoubleJackpot; where should you select to double your stake, then any jackpot prize win is also doubled up! It’s just one of a selection of unique bonuses or promotions designed to offer more to our many customers. Come and see for yourself when you visit Lottoland Australia.

How Lottoland Australia Works

You know how some folk like to dismantle a motor engine and rebuild it? Others aim to apply the same process to clocks and watches. It’s a part of many human psyches to want to know exactly how something works. This is equally true of many of our current or potential Lottoland Australia customers. So, we thought we’d quickly deconstruct our operations for you here.

Our overall aim is quite clear: to provide an online portal that is quick and easy-to-use, allows customers to spend time playing their favourite lottery games when it suits them, and in a variety of different locations. To also deliver an easy-to-access results source, both recent and historical.

We also want to offer as wide a range of exiting games as possible. This means not just including access to favourite home-based games – Keno anyone – but to add to this by incorporating some amazing others from across the world. We now provide the chance to participate in both US PowerBall and MegaMillions from North America, and EuroMillions from Europe, as well as other national games. These three big boys are the ones that deliver amazing rollover jackpots that regularly reach way into the stratosphere of hundreds of millions of dollars.

It’s important to know that you play the games, in both your numbers and level of entries choices, as if you were where the games find their home. Our carefully designed Lottoland insurance model also makes sure that, any time you win, the prize amount will be exactly the same as that for local players, and will be paid into your own Lottoland account. This covers every single prize tier in each competition.

To make Lottoland even better, we’ve added a selection of great bonuses and terrific offers that simply aren’t any part of those original games. That’s how we have built Lottoland for you, now please do come and see it for yourself.

Lottoland Australia Cash4Life

Ten hundred dollars bills nestling in your hand would feel pretty good – yes? Thought so! Once you spend them, having them replaced by ten more would be amazing? True! Seems like a crazy dream, but dreams can come true. Here’s how.

Introducing the amazing Cash4Life jackpot game. You can enter in an instant here at Lottoland Australia by simply picking just five numbers of your own choosing from between 1 and 60, and supplementing this with a CashBall (1 to 4). A single Cash4Life game played through our Lottoland online portal will see you pay just $2*. The draws take place at 9pm (ET), and that’s every single Monday and Thursday night.

The prize? Well, it’s that $1000 we talked about at the start; and, should you win the jackpot, this is paid to you every single day until you draw your last breath in the far distant future. That’s more than a million dollars every three years. The second prize is $1000 every single month, again throughout your lifetime. Cash4Life delivers 9 prize tiers in each game. Your chances of permanently being $1000 per day richer are assessed at 1:21,846,048, which is better than the possibilities for lots of other lottery jackpot wins.

That’s what you need to know, now you should enter before the next draw, so come and join our many customers at Lottoland.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.