Play US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions Lotto

Lottoland is where Australians can now play one of America and the world’s most popular and lucrative lotteries: US Mega Millions. Put yourself in the game for huge jackpots, like its record jackpot of an incredible $848 million set in 2012, which was the second-highest lottery win ever recorded.

This sort of jackpot could be yours by playing US Mega Millions right here from Australia, with Lottoland offering games in this exciting lottery for just $5*. You’ll be in the running for minimum jackpots of at least $19 million simply by playing Mega Millions at Lottoland. Lottoland also offers the attractive Mega Millions ‘MegaPlier’ option, where for $1.50* you can start to multiply your potential winnings by up to five times, with the exception of the jackpot.

There are several ways to win at US Mega Millions with Lottoland. Mega Millions draws take place not once but twice every week, on Wednesday at 3pm AEDT (1pm AEST) and the same time on Saturdays as well, and all you need to do is select five numbers (1-75) and the all-important Megaball (1-15). Match them all, and that huge jackpot is yours!

But US Mega Millions also has nine prize divisions, supercharging your odds of winning with Lottoland. Even if you only match the Megaball, you’re a winner, so there are plenty of reasons to play and win at US Mega Millions with Lottoland.

Play US Mega Millions Online

Every time you play US Mega Millions online at Lottoland, you’re in the running for huge jackpots with great odds of winning prizes, and all for just $5* per game. It was America’s favourite lottery, Mega Millions, that handed out the second biggest lottery jackpot in world history – an eye-popping $848 million in 2012 – and now you can play for the Mega Millions as well, online from Australia.

Mega Millions jackpots are handed out twice each and every week, on Wednesday at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT) and Saturday at the same time, so there’s no need to miss a chance to win Mega Millions minimum jackpots of approximately $19 million if you check in at Lottoland. The nine prize divisions mean your odds of winning are higher than in many lotteries with much lower jackpots, and you can even choose the Mega Millions ‘MegaPlier’ option for $1.50 extra to start multiplying your potential winnings up to a factor of five.

Playing is easy, as all you have to do is have your five numbers (1-75) and one Megaball (1-15) drawn, and the huge jackpot is yours. And even if you match only the Megaball, you still win a prize.

US Mega Millions vs US Powerball

The top 15 biggest lottery jackpots in world history all belong to Mega Millions and US Powerball, and both exciting and lucrative games can be played online in Australia at Lottoland. The outright record holder is US Powerball, having handed out an astonishing $2.3 billion jackpot in January 2016 – and you can play now at Lottoland for just $5*.

But Mega Millions is also where the big bucks are, with its $840 million jackpot also making the eyes water, and both Mega Millions and US Powerball can be played at Lottoland. When you’re weighing up Mega Millions vs US Powerball, bear in mind that both can be played at Lottoland for just $5* per game, while both take place twice every single week: Wednesdays and Saturdays for Mega Millions, and Thursdays and Sundays if US Powerball is your game.

As for the odds, Mega Millions’ nine prize divisions means your chances of winning a prize are an amazing 1:15, compared to Powerball’s 1:55 probability. But both Mega Millions and US Powerball are fun, easy to play online with Lottoland and pack huge prizes and lottery record jackpots, so there’s no reason not to play today.

US Mega Millions Promotions

The only thing better than US Mega Millions is playing it with one of Lottoland’s US Mega Millions promotions as the cherry on top! This exciting and lucrative American lottery can now be played online from Australia at Lottoland, and we want to make it even more attractive for you by offering exciting discounts.

Simply buy a Mega Millions subscription online with a $5* game of both Wednesday and Saturday’s draws, and we’ll give you 15% off, just by playing with Lottoland. Normally, two games would cost you $10 but Lottoland wants to help you win huge US Mega Millions jackpots in the most fun and best value way possible, so it will cost just $8.50* for two games instead! That will give you enough left over to either use the Mega Millions MegaPlier option, giving you the chance to start supercharging your winnings by multiples of up to five, or just pocket the change – it’s up to you!

Always keep an eye on Lottoland for this and other exciting US Mega Millions promotions, because playing online from Australia has never been easier and more attractive.

US Mega Millions Results

When you’re in the running for the huge jackpots of one of the world’s biggest lotteries, US Mega Millions, you will always want to get the results straight away. By playing online from Australia with Lottoland, you can not only get in on the huge prize and jackpot action of US Mega Millions, but you know the results will be updated straight away.

Lottoland updates the results of America’s popular and record-setting lottery, US Mega Millions, as soon as those twice weekly draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT). You’ll never be left wondering if you’re the latest winner by checking the US Mega Millions results, and the Lottoland website even lets you look back on the results of every Mega Millions draw since its inception twenty years ago.

So don’t forget, after choosing your five numbers (1-75) and one Megaball (1-15) online at Lottoland twice weekly, the Mega Millions results will be posted at the Lottoland website straight away afterwards. If your numbers all match, you can declare yourself a multi millionaire jackpot winner after the checking the results at Lottoland, but there are plenty of other ways to win as well, with nine prize divisions.