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If you like your lottery games big and rich, then US Powerball is for you. This much-loved American game shocked lotto players all over the planet with a record-breaking jackpot of $2.3 billion, which was won in January 2016.

Each and every week sees two US Powerball draws. The first is on every Thursday at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT), while the second takes places every on Sunday, also at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT).

To enter, all you have to do is dream up six numbers that, you think, are very, very lucky. The first five must be in the range of one to 69. Meanwhile, the sixth one, called the Powerball, should fall in the range of one and 26. There’s only one way to score the jackpot and that’s by matching all six of your chosen numbers with those drawn.

US Powerball offers a minimum jackpot of $52 million. That’s what an ordinary draw looks like, but it often grows, reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. 15 of the highest jackpots in history belonged to the US Powerball and the US Mega Millions.

Surprisingly, entering US Powerball doesn’t cost too much. At Lottoland, each game will set you back only $5*. It’s not too high a fee, given that so much money is in the ring. To play US Powerball now, jump on Lottoland.

Play US Powerball Online

There are loads of lottery sites on the planet, but few are as popular and as thorough as Lottoland. Rather than having to go to your local lottery operator, you can play from home, as long as you have a mobile device or computer and a link to the internet. All games cost only $5*, which isn’t much, when you consider that US Powerball jackpots are often worth hundreds of millions.

It’s US Powerball’s mega jackpots that make it so popular. Were you watching draws earlier in the year? If you were, you might know that a world record was busted when US Powerball gave away a jackpot worth $2.3 billion.

When you play US Powerball via Lottoland, you’ll find that it’s easy and affordable. Start out by selecting five numbers in a range of one to 69. Next up, decide on a lucky Powerball, which is a number in range of one to 26. There’s only one way to get the jackpot and that’s by entering six winning numbers.

US Powerball draws go on two times per week. For the first, get online on Thursday at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT). For the second, be ready on Sunday at the same time. Jackpots are always at least $52 million and frequently build to bigger totals. Think hundreds of millions of bucks. Of the 10 biggest lottery jackpots throughout history, seven were thanks to US Powerball.

US Powerball v US Mega Millions

Of all the lottery games in the world, the two biggest are the US Powerball and the US Mega Millions. Week after week, millions of bucks are throw into the ring. At different times, both games have managed to establish world records. The US Mega Millions started first, with a jackpot of $840 million, and the US Powerball followed in January 2016, with a jackpot worth $2.3 billion.

On ordinary days, the jackpots are still high. The US Mega Millions offers a minimum jackpot of $20 million, while the minimum for the US Powerball is $52 million. For both lotteries, draws occur twice a week. You can catch the US Mega Millions on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT), while the US Powerball happens on Thursdays and Sundays, also at 1pm AEST (3pm AEDT).

But which game gives you the best odds? With the US Mega Millions, your chances of winning a prize of some kind are 1:15. With the US Powerball, your chances are slimmer, with odds of 1:55.

Regardless of which you choose, each game will set you back just $5* at Lottoland. Given how high jackpots are, it’s a decent price!

US Powerball Promotions

On top of offering good entry costs per game, Lottoland also bring a bunch of outstanding special promotions, deals and offers to US Powerball players. At the moment, you can play two games, yet pay for just one. Taking advantage of this excellent deal is easy. Just enter the special promo code – PB2F1AUS – when you hit the Lottoland checkout. This deal is a great saving, especially when you think about the massive US Powerball jackpots up for grabs. These jackpots are never lower than $52 million, and, more often than not, they are much higher, hitting hundreds of millions. In January 2016, the US Powerball blew quite a few minds when the jackpot rolled in at $2.3 billion.

So, any passionate lotto players who enter games regularly should watch Lottoland’s US Powerball promotions and offers closely. This service is one the many reasons why Lottoland is so popular with lotto players in every corner of the globe. If you’re wondering whether or not Lottoland is any different to your local lottery operator, you can put your mind at ease. The site is totally licensed and regulated. The only difference is its convenience and cracking deals.

So, don’t hang around waiting – jump on Lottoland today and try your luck with two US Powerball games going for the cost of one.

US Powerball Results

Week after week, two US Powerball draws take place. You can watch the first on Thursdays at 11am AEST (1pm AEDT) and the second on Sundays at exactly the same time. As soon as each draw occurs, the results are available online at Lottoland. Rather than guessing whether or not you had any luck, pop on the internet and find out. You don’t need anything, other than a mobile device or computer.

On top of that, Lottoland’s publishing goes beyond recent results. If you’re interested, you can check out results dating all the way back to 1992. Explore how the game has progressed over more than two decades.

It’s simple to enter US Powerball. Get going by choosing five numbers between one and 69, in addition to a Powerball between one and 26. You’ll grab the jackpot, if each and every one of your numbers comes up. $52 million is the minimum for all jackpots and they often grow to hundreds of millions of bucks. January 2016 saw the US Powerball set a big world record, with the jackpot rolling in at $2.3 billion.

So, you needn’t make too much effort to keep an eye on the US Powerball results. Simply jump online whenever you’re feeling curious. Lottoland will give you what you’re looking for, every time.

* Prices are subject to change, and the stated price is subject to increase when the jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing.